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Energino is an energy consumption monitoring toolkit designed and developed by the  iNSPIRE group at CREATE-NET. Energino provides real-time, precise, energy consumption statistics for any DC appliance.

Its main features are:

  • Arduino-based, a flexible platform with a very active community;
  • High sampling rate, up to 10000 voltage or current samples per second;
  • High resolution, configurable from 26mA down to 1mA;
  • Low cost/low power, it costs about 80 Euro to assemble an Energino complete with Ethernet connectivity;
  • Manageability, the device being monitord by Energino can be turned on/off remotelly using the embedded RESTful interface;
  • Cloud aware, energy consumption stastistics can be tracked using Xively.

Energino has been developed as part of the group current research efforts on green wireless networking which aim at optimizing energy consumption in heterogeneous wireless networks, such as WiFi, WiMAX, UMTS, end LTE.

Our standpoint is that “You can not optimize it what you can not measure”, thus the availability of accurate energy consumption monitoring equipment is vital to the research effort to develop pragmatic simulators and analytical models for the synthesis of new energy–aware and energy–efficient protocols and algorithms.

Energino allowed us to gain significant insights into the energy consumption behaviour of real-word WiFi and WiMAX deployments; consequently we decided to make both the hardware schematics and the software available under a permissive licence in order to allow research and practitioners to use and (hopefully) extend it.

Current and past collaborations


University of Trento. Initial feasibility study and prototype.


France Telecom, Orange Labs. Energy consumption characterization of a WiMAX testbed.

tub til

TU Berlin, Telekom Innovation Laboratories. Energy consumption characterization of the BOWL outdoor WiFi testbed.


Hamilton Institute at the National University of Ireland Maynooth. Energy consumption characterization of a 3G femto-cell.


TriaGnoSys is the expert in mobile communication, ABSOLUTE project Battery duration model.


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